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Benefits of Using a Recumbent Exercise Bike

You have probably heard all the reports on using exercise bikes. Well, the recumbent bike has taken a prominent place among gyms and workout clubs everywhere. So what is a recumbent bike and how is it different? Hopefully, we can answer those questions here.

The benefits of using an exercise bike are many. Did you know that a 60 minute workout on a stationary bike can burn over 1000 calories? Where else can you burn calories like that while sitting down?

This type of workout also has fat burning ability that is awesome. Truthfully, though it’s all in the intensity and a slower more controlled bike session is more effective than a hard, high speed pedaling marathon.

Endurance is one of the most sought after benefits and relates heavily to cardiopulmonary health.

Now all this is great and wonderful, but how does this relate to recumbent bikes? Basically, the big difference is comfort and position.

A recumbent bike has the pedals in front of the bike, sometimes a little higher than the lower body. The result is a better oxygenation. When someone passes out, what is the first thing we are taught to do? Raise the feet above the heart for better circulation, right?

Also the position you are in is better suited to watch television while working out. It is much easier to pass the time this way than to continually watch a clock. It is also easier on the back and legs.

Are recumbent bikes suitable for all fitness levels? Absolutely! Of course, if you haven’t used one of these bikes regularly, you WILL have reminders for days to come. But once you start a regimen of bike exercise, the benefits will be astounding. For larger folks trying to lose weight, the seat is more comfortable.

Along with the fat burning, calorie burning, muscle toning, endurance and cardio benefits, there is always the fact that even beginner will find the recumbent bike easy to use. Recumbent bikes are safer and more stable with a lower center of gravity. The workout programs available on some of the advanced models provide a sustainable workout that can be duplicated.

These bikes are also great for men who typically neglect their lower body when working out. Set the resistance to high and build leg muscle.

Maximize your time and do some curls while you bike!
Also, by bringing the seat a little further forward, the lower abdominal muscles are targeted effectively. For the ladies, workouts can be tailored to be as effective as using a stair stepper and tone the leg muscles for that seductive movie star look.

Add all these together and a recumbent bike is a good home workout investment because of the limited space it requires. If you have an unused corner, that is where it can be placed. Consider the high resistance and sustainable workouts available. Actually, if you use the recumbent properly, you can get a full body workout very easily.

Remember, you can get all this while sitting on your butt, watching TV and pedaling a bike. Wow!