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Elliptical Trainer - What Is It?

Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical


Many people wonder what an elliptical trainer is, and how it might be used in their normal workout routine. An elliptical trainer is a machine that you can use in the privacy of your own home, and one that you are going to enjoy using!

Elliptical Trainer Benefits

Espirt EL-1 Elliptical

 This is one of the machines that is very popular with fitness buffs for a lot of reasons. First of all the elliptical trainer is easy to use, you use it to move your arms and legs as if you are walking.

Another reason that it is so popular with fitness buffs is that it is a machine that mimics regular movements, and allows people to do those regular movements without a lot of problems.

Fitness buffs also like the elliptical trainer because it has a movement that is fluid, without stops and starts, and works all of your body systems at the same time.

What Is this fitness machine, exactly?

The elliptical trainer is a machine that mimics walking and running. The user puts his or her feet onto the foot-holders, and grabs onto the handles with their hands. As you move your feet back and forth, the handles are moved as well, which means that both your hands and feet are working together to form the correct movements of walking.

Sole E35 Elliptical - Inside Delivery - New for 2009! 

Sole E35 Elliptical  

The machine is easy to spot, because it is the machine that looks like a treadmill with feet holders that move in opposite ways, and with handles for you to hold.

The machine is easy to move, and can also be changed to have different points of resistance, which allow for there to be a difference between walking and running, and which allow for a beginner and an advanced user to use the same machine, simply by changing the way that the machine responds.

The machine is stationery, but since the user is moving in one direction or another, the user gets all of the benefit that they would get from working out in this type of workout situation!

The elliptical trainer has been around for a long time. It was developed many years ago as an alternative to the regular stair stepper machines and to the traditional treadmills. It was made in order to more correctly mimic walking and running, both of which have been shown to be the best way of losing weight and maintaining great health. Therefore, the home elliptical machine has been quite popular for many years. There are several different brands of elliptical trainers, including Sole, Schwinn Elliptical, Nordic Track, and Ironman Fitness.

Body Solid Endurance E7 Premium Elliptical Trainer 18.5 Inch StrideBody Solid Endurance E7 Premium Elliptical Trainer 18.5 Inch Stride

In recent years, the elliptical trainer has become more popular than other types of work out equipment. This is because of its relativity to treadmills, but also because of its differences.

A person can get a better workout with an elliptical trainer because they are moving more of their own body muscles and working with different groups of muscles when it comes to the elliptical trainer than they would be with a simple treadmill.

Elliptical Trainer or Treadmill? Comparisons

When you look at the elliptical trainer as compared to other types of workout equipment, such as a stair stepper, a treadmill, and an exercise bike, you see many different similarities, but you also see differences. It is important to look at both similarities and differences so that you know you have a good idea of the type of equipment that you are going to be purchasing.

The elliptical trainer is similar to the others (mentioned above) because it produces a good workout and gets your heart pumping. Like the exercise bike, treadmill, and stair stepper, you are moving your leg muscles and remaining in constant motion. However, unlike the others, with the elliptical trainer you are using your arms as well.

Body Parts Targeted - Comparision - Elliptical to the others

The elliptical trainer targets many areas in your body, including your legs and your arms. Because these two main areas are targeted, you can bet that you'll benefit from the exercise that you get with the elliptical trainer.

In order to get the maximum benefit from the elliptical trainer, you need to be able to work out about 30 minutes a day, at least 3 days a week. However if you can use the elliptical trainer more times per week, you'll find that you are even more able to get to the benefits in a quicker amount of time.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Machines - Pros and Cons

CTR 3 Elliptical Cross Trainer
The Elliptical trainer is easy to use because you can buy a model that folds up easily and stores in the room where you use it. You can also find models that are lightweight and that don't take up much room in your home.

You'll be able to find a model that works with your budget, because there are models that sell for as little as 500 dollars, as well as models that sell for more than 4,000 dollars. Because there are several different types of elliptical machines, those with greater resistance, those with glide motions, and those with traditional walking and running motions, you can pick from the machines that fits you the best. Some of the top brands include Nordic Track, Ironman, and Schwinn.

Precor EFX546 Elliptical Version 1

The elliptical trainer is a machine that you will be able to use no matter what your skill level might be, and no matter what type of situation you find yourself in. For many people, an elliptical trainer means that you'll be able to be in better shape, and that you will be able to enjoy the feeling of being in much better shape! An elliptical trainer can mean the freedom that you have always been looking for.



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