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Resistance Training Bands

Are Resistance Bands effective?

Rubber resistance training bands are a popular, affordable choice to add variety and increase effectiveness to average exercises that many people perform in their regular exercise routines. Resistance bands are excellent for travelers, as they fit easily in your carry-on bag; you can use them in the privacy of your hotel room and/or while watching TV. You can purchase these, sometimes for less than $20, in varying strength resistance(s).

Resistance bands encourage lean muscle development, using gravity and increased force to add extra mileage to your workout. Lean muscle development breaks down and burns fat quicker, even burning fat in your sleep, as the fat is converted to lean muscle!

Some people are still skeptical when it comes to resistance band workouts, because they can see what weights they are lifting in a dumbbell exercise routine, but feel they can’t measure that with the bands. Most become believers, once they have used the resistance band exercises in lieu of a weight lifting program, as the results are noticeable in a much shorter amount of time.


Resistance Band Exercise Machines

There are resistance band training machines now on the market that utilize resistance band technology, instead of the bulky dumbbells and weights of the old, conventional type of machines. Back in 1996, Bowflex started mass marketing of its resistance Band Workout home gym system. Since that introduction, they have come up with varying sizes and price range machines, to make it affordable for anyone who would like to have their own lightweight, home workout machine.

Bowflex is considered one of the early pioneers in this type of resistance band workout machine, and boasts 100 exercises with 400 variations. Most of the Bowflex systems include a bench press, butterfly and high pulley stations. Pricing starts with the Blaze system around $899, and goes on up with the Revolution, Sport, Extreme 2, and Ultimate Systems that can run up to $2,500.

Weider Resistance Band Workout Gym is a similar system to the Bowflex, but is a discount model that tops out under $1,000 with mixed reviews, but can be effective for the normal home workout enthusiasts.

There are other types of machines that have all the similarities, and many individuals just make use of resistance band exercises using popular brands such as Nike resistance bands, which feature a patented figure 8 configuration, saving the expense of a full size home gym workout station.

Resistance Band Exercises for Targeted Areas

Nike resistance training bands have a variety of types available, the figure 8, SPARQ, and Band sets used for baseball training. Obviously, the manufacturers have come up with bands to target certain body areas, such as upper body and arms, in the case of the Nike baseball rubber training bands.

There are longer jump-rope style resistance bands that can be used for whole body exercises - such as resistance push-ups, chest fly, leg squats and lunges, hamstring curls and calve raises, front and side shoulder raises, standing and preacher curls and seat back rockers.

The combination of these exercises can work out chest, arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen, calves, shoulders, and back. You can use rubber resistance training bands to supplement your regular exercise routine. Some of the bands start as low as $10!

Some of the leading resistance band manufacturers are:

You can often buy the resistance bands at places like Target and most sporting goods stores, and they normally will come with exercise suggestions or learning DVD demonstrating routines. Of course, these days as the internet grows, so does your online shopping experience. It's fairly easy to find these rubber strength cords online, however, please do your research before typing in your credit card number.

Depending on what type of resistance training band routine you choose - bands have become popular for use during pilates, simple routines for seniors, and people who are excessively overweight. Most of the manufacturers recommend exercising 3 times a week, with a 20-minute workout. You should see results in about 6 weeks.

Pros and Cons of Resistant Band Workout Training:

The definite pros of resistance band training includes the portability and affordability of the standard exercise and pilates exercise routine. For under $25, you can take your gym with you and increase the intensity of your workout.

The resistance bands can be easily put in a drawer, not taking up any space, and the routines can be tailored to spot reduce your problem areas without the price of a gym membership.

The upper end resistance machines can be quite expensive, but allows a body builder or sports athlete the opportunity to schedule their workouts when they want, in the convenience of their home. The resistance band workout stations are more portable and take up less space than conventional weight workout stations, but offer all of the benefits, and oftenmore.

The cons would be the cost of the resistance band machines, especially if you were unsure that it is a method you would use on a long-term basis. In addition, you do need the space to keep the resistance band workout system, just like you would a weight training station set-up.

It is not a system you would want to constantly move around your home, although, there are some models made to fold up and store - if you have the space for it. In addition, your exercise routines may not be as structured, since it is a self-disciplined method of exercising. But as with any method, it takes a motivation to want to correct problem areas or lose weight.


The benefits of a simple, rubber resistance band exercise routine have been proven more effective than conventional exercises. You can increase band resistance as you become more conditioned. With many resistance band systems and machines on the market, you can choose the price range that suits your budget.

You can take a portable resistance training band system with you on business travel and keep up with your routines while watching television.

Resistance band workouts are the most effective, affordable spot conditioners for a total body condition, for all ages and abilities.



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