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Stepper Exercise Equipment

Using a stepper exercise machine is a great way to exercise at a low intensity level while still getting an amazing workout.

What is a stepper exercise machine?

Stepper exercise equipment machines allow you to step up as if you were climbing stairs, which is what they are also called stair climbers or stair steppers.

These stepper machines are also really great for losing weight as they keep your heart rate lowered while you burn fat. If your heart rate is too high, your body could start using its anerobic system - which doesn't burn fat.

First Degree Step Right Up Stepper-First Degree Step Right Up Stepper Exercise Machine-
Stair climbers (as they are sometimes called) help you work out by simulating an endless flight of stairs.

Stair climbers use your body weight as the basic unit of resistance.

The exercise stepper pedals moderate the workload by resisting your weight. You increase the intensity by reducing stepping resistance, which forces you to climb more rapidly.

Steppers use three forms of resistance-electronic, air-filled pistons, or a friction belt system.

Some models are also incorporating handlebars so that the upper body can be worked independently.

More expensive models provide sophisticated digital displays and a variety of preprogrammed workouts.

There are also two types of stepping platforms. One uses steps that are linked-that is, one side moves up while the other is going down. These steps are also tilted when you are at the highest point of the step.

The other design uses steps that move independently. These steps also remain parallel to the ground throughout the entire range of motion.

Steppers range between $300 - $3500. When you buy a stair stepper or a motorized stair climber, you will want to look for the following features:

If you are up for something a wee bit different and a little more cost-efficient, you might want to try an Electronic Mini Stair Stepper.

These are a miniature stair steppers versions without the handle bars. You just step up and down as you go. These are affordable and small so you can store it/them anywhere - even use it anywhere!

Mini steppers are a great option if you are looking for a space saver, especially.

While regular-sized motorized stair climber or stepper exercise equipment can be pricey, you can buy a stair climber under $1000; which can last and provide you with a workout well enough to get into shape.

As true for most machines, stepper exercise equipment prices go up when the new and deluxe features increase and/or improve.

For example, the Heart-Rate Controlled Stepper exerciser is about $2,299; however, the only reason this stepper is more expensive than some of the others is because it is heart rate controlled! This happens to be a great feature, but you still can get an effective workout by using a less expensive machine like the Tunturi C525i Pro Climber Stepper for example.

The Tunturi stepper series can provide you with the same intense workout; but it just isnt heart-rate controlled.

So it all depends on how advanced you are (or plan to become) in your exercise program, and how much you can afford. But for the average person working out at a home gym, the Tunruri model would do just fine.

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