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The Cotton Yoga Mat

Check out the cotton yoga mats for your comfort, below.


Cotton Fitness Yoga Mat


Cotton Fitness Yoga Mat


A versatile design featuring a sturdy cotton canvas stuffed with pure-cotton batting. The natural Cotton Fitness Mat is covered in sturdy cotton canvas and stuffed with pure-cotton batting.

The Cotton Fitness Mat brings comfort to your exercise, relaxation or massage. This extra-thick mat is great for Yoga or Pilates and is especially useful for those needing extra padding.

The attached rollup ties allow for easy storage and can be used as a bolster, and the attached shoulder strap makes for easy transport. Consider adding the washable protective cotton cover sold separately.

Bean Product's cotton mats are handy for yoga, pliates, camping, power-napping at the office, and even for children s sleepovers ...

Bean Products offers free shipping!


Cotton Shiatsu Yoga Mat


Cotton Shiatsu Yoga Matcotton yoga mat



This is a traditional Shiatsu design featuring 3 inch cushioning, with three color options. The Cotton Shiatsu Yoga Mat features traditional futon-style cotton-batting mats and is wide enough to allow the client and practitioner to stretch out on comfortably.

This cotton yoga mat is soft and 3 inches thick and creates the ideal, nurturing environment for body work and breath work. This Yoga Mat comes with a fabric carry strap. It is available in natural, navy, and purple!

Bean Products offers free shipping!


Cotton Natural Yoga Mats - Bean Products Natural Yoga Mat


Cotton Natural Yoga Mats - Bean Products Natural Yoga Mat

Whether its Yoga, Pilate's exercise or massage this is the perfect Yoga Mat. The Natural Yoga Mat also has a convenient shoulder strap for easy carrying to class, to clients, wherever you go.

This Yoga mat comes with attached ties for easy roll up and storage.

*Environmentally friendly

*Unbleached, chemical-free cotton shell

*Stuffed with 2 1/2" of pure, untreated, hand-tufted cotton batting

*Convenient shoulder strap

*Attached ties for easy roll up and storage

Yoga provides limitless possibilities for growth in self-awareness and wellness. If yoga movement and meditation is to be successful, it must happen in a peaceful, comfortable space.

The Natural Yoga Mat from Bean Products, Inc. provides a safe and comfortable surface on which to orchestrate the poses. This Yoga Mat is also great for exercise and Massage.

The unbleached, chemical-free cotton shell is stuffed with pure, natural, untreated cotton batting and hand tufted to provide the ideal place from which to embark on inner journeys.


Bean Products Organic Cotton Zabuton Meditation Mat


Bean Products Organic Cotton Zabuton Meditation Mat


With the Bean Products Zabuton Meditation Mat , peace and harmony can be achieved without the distraction of sitting discomfort. This meditation mat is made with organic cotton.

During our daily lives, it can seem like a challenge to create the time to sit alone. When you do sit down to meditate, distractions such as foot, ankle or knee pain take away from the experience, and you do not receive the full benefits of your practice.

During meditation, one needs to focus inward and let the cares of the physical world pass through. Having the proper posture is an important factor.

*Cotton mat


*Rollup ties included

*carry strap included

Shiatsu Thai Massage Mats are designed to give you better comfort and support for deeper meditation. Some meditation practices can be lengthy, lasting for multiple hours.

However, sitting meditation should not be painful. The Shiatsu Thai Massage Mat is handmade from premium fabric and is filled with pure cotton batting to provide a cushioned surface for your ankles and legs, enabling stress-free meditation .

The Zabuton Meditiation Pillows come with a removable washable high tread count brushed cotton twill shell in natural, purple, navy, black, and denim; hemp fabric is also available.


Waffle Cotton Yoga Mat


Waffle Cotton Yoga Mat


A soothing, environment-friendly yoga mat featuring 100-percent pure-cotton construction with a soft-silk-cotton padding. The Waffle Cotton Yoga Mat is made from 100-percent pure cotton with a soft-silk-cotton padding.

This exercise mat almost calls you to your favorite yoga poses. The Waffle Cotton Yoga Mat is extremely comfortable, light, foldable, portable, and easily stored.

It is also durable and easily washed. This yoga mat is produced with great skill, care, and the most environmentally friendly methods.

Bean Products offers free shipping on this yoga mat!



Yoga Mat Bags - Bean Products Cotton Yoga Mat Carry Bags


Yoga Mat Bags - Bean Products Cotton Yoga Mat Carry Bags



You will probably need something to carry your yoga exercise mats - Bean Products make this simple.

Looking to simplify your daily jaunts to the yoga studio? Having a Cotton Yoga Mat Carry Bag for your yoga mat, wallet and other "things" makes life just a little more organized, and a little bit easier.

A must for all yoga practitioners.

*Fits any standard size yoga mat

*100% cotton Yoga Mat Bag

*This Yoga Mat Bag is proudly made in the USA

*Lightweight and easy to carry

*Available in four colors

Made with 100% cotton, this durable and stylish Yoga Mat Carry bag will hold your and other comfortably. Features an outside zipper pocket for all your small essentials and a large carrying handle. Available in denim, black, navy and purple.

  yoga mat bag carry case photo