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Ellipticals vs Treadmills

Treadmill or Elliptical Trainer Machine - Which is better for me?

One of the key advantages of elliptical trainers is the gliding motion. There is a much smaller chance for a sports injury due to high a impact workout. Ellipticals are glided by the rider whereas the treadmill is constant forward motion.

A study at Washington State University found that there was less chance of orthopedic injury if a person’s exercise plan used elliptical trainers only. Elliptical trainers include upper body conditioning as they are a combination stair climber and ski machine.

Walking, on the other hand is considered an excellent weight bearing exercise that is accessible to most everyone. A treadmill provides an opportunity to walk or run even if weather conditions are poor.

If you compare these two fitness machines and how they work, a person would need to live at the YMCA (or YWCA) to fully meet all exercise needs. The person who is embarking on an exercise plan is the one who needs to decide which type is most suited to them.

A personal trainer can be very helpful in making this type of decision. Most health clubs provide a free one-time only evaluation. There isn’t an obligation for this free advice other than a little pressure to join the health club. So try before you buy and pick up some free trainer advice.

The Skinny on Buying Fitness Machines

Fitness machines are not inexpensive investments. Your health demands suitable exercise machines but your pocketbook demands economy. Some ads (they always seem to run in January) tout a whole fitness gym incorporated in one little box that will fit in the trunk of your car. It’s small, cheap and if you listened to the sales pitch, “portable”. Buyers beware! Cheap cardio vascular exercise machines can mean more expense in the long run. Some of the not so recognizable brands have been known to fall apart after less than a dozen uses. Stick to the best quality elliptical trainer (or treadmill) that you can find and afford!

Please - avoid “no name” home fitness equipment or the type that you’ve seen advertised as cheap miracle workers. If it seems too good to be true, most likely, it is. A fitness machine is a great (and wise) investment in your health so try not to stint. I strongly suggest that you investigate brands such as: Precor, Nordic Track, Proform, Nautilus, and Smooth.

Companies like these have been in the exercise business since the beginning. The brands are well established and respected for a reason. Please let me suggest that you also be sure to talk to a knowledgeable person at your local exercise equipment store. And again, try before you buy. If you wish to purchase home fitness equipment online, can I please still suggest that you at least go check out its 'twin' at a nearby store first. The top elliptical trainer you decide on should suit your needs, specifically.

Elliptical trainers may not work out for you, or maybe you’ll love working out on these exercise machines so much that trading up is not an option. Elliptical machines are one of the hottest cardio workout machines out there today.

Home Fitness Equipment and Space Constraints

If your living space consists of a small 1 - 2 bedroom apartment, you will certainly have a different perspective than folks who live in 7000 square foot homes. The beauty of elliptical machines is the "small footprints" or small surface area needed for this machine to be used. There are numerous types of these cardio vascular low impact home fitness machines that will fit into small inconspicuous corners.

One of the cheapest, yet quality manual space-saving elliptical is the SpaceMate E100 Elliptical Trainer.


Elliptical Machines and Diets

The best diet is the one that is combined with regular exercise. Following the general food guide will point you in the right path of which type of food you should limit and which types of food you can indulge in (guilt free, of course!).

Please remember to keep your portions to a reasonable size and forget the term “super size” - anything! A great, intense workout on your elliptical trainer is known to burn the most calories of all fitness machines.

An elliptical trainer combined with a sensible diet is an excellent way to make those extra 5 or 25 pounds disappear, improve your cardio-vascular health and, trim off the totally unnecessary couple of inches that accumulated while you weren’t paying attention. It’s never too late and in the now immortal words of Nike: “Just Do It”! Today!

So What Is The Best Elliptical Trainer?

Sole E25 - 2009 Model Elliptical Trainer  

Personally, I really love the Elliptical called the Sole E25 - 2009 Model Elliptical Trainer. This elliptical trainer is one of the best, and highest quality ellipticals around. Although I just got this machine a mere few months ago, I've happily watched the inches melt away, week by week.

To start, this Sole Elliptical Machine has an easy-to-use electronic console with blue backlight LCD display, a built-in cooling fan, water bottle holder, fully adjustable manual incline with different resistance features, stationary handle bars, built-in pulse sensors (for heart rate monitoring), over-sized foot pedals (which reduce ankle and knee stress), . The console also has built in speakers which allow you to hook up any MP3 player( iPod, etc.) for listening energy!

This elliptical assists you in a fluid, natural motion, provided by a very quiet system. Yes, this elliptical trainer functions in both forward and reverse motion.

And the feeling is soooo smooth. The combination of a 20+ pound flywheel, and higher gears (not found on comparable models) means an extremely smooth feel, with plenty of resistance at the top end. Wow, does this machine provide a challenging workout! I love it!

Being just under $1,000, this Sole E25 - 2009 Model Elliptical Trainer is a really quality piece of home fitness equipment that will stand the test of time and provide you with a high-sweat, low-impact workout.

Last time I checked, they had free shipping, hopefully they still have that offer for you all as well!

Check Out the Sole E25 - (2009) Model Elliptical Trainer

I also currently have the older, Proform (#300 model) treadmill. It's simple, sweet and works as a great sweat-burning combination with my new Sole elliptical.

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Thank you to Lillian Fuller for this parts of this article! Lilian is a talented and successful freelance writer for hire providing tips and advice for consumers on a wide array of topics including elliptical trainers, rowing machines, and more.