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Getting Fit with Exercise Balls


Anti-Burst Pro Exercise Ball 55cm Red (EA) 

Anti-Burst Pro Exercise Ball 55cm  


Fitness Training with the Exercise Ball & Applications

The flexibility of the fitness balls makes them excellent tools in working out certain areas of the body. The body naturally responds to the curve and bounce of exercise balls. This makes them perfect in promoting balance and stability with some exercises.

They are even used by pregnant women to do exercises that relieve back pain and promote balance. Even in alternative forms of exercises, you will find instructors integrating movements and routines with the balls. This is because this exercising tool is so versatile; it brings notable health benefits to various fitness exercises.

This "Swiss Ball" exercising tool is primarily used in engaging as much muscle as possible, in working out the balance and stability of the body. This feature makes it excellent in toning or working out the leg, arm, chest, back and abdominal muscles. Hence, simple as it may seem, the ball is very able to give your body a total work out!

The exercise routines that involve exercise balls usually require 20 to 30 minutes for maximum benefits.

However, make sure that you do your warm up properly!

In strength training exercises, the sets and repetitions of exercise routines may vary, resting 30 seconds in between routines.

In weight training, the stability ball is used as the weight bench, adding more resistance and difficulty to the routine, particularly on the abdominal area.

In abdominal training, the fitness ball is used in recruiting more muscles to be engaged in doing crunches and twists. In flexibility exercises, as in yoga and pilates, these balls make for a great tool in stretching, maintaining relaxation, when integrating and maintaining positions.


Core Exercise Balls and their Appeal to Fitness

Training on unstable surfaces, that of provided by the exercise ball, is perfect in promoting muscle contraction. This form of exercise corrects balance with continual training, as the body is taught to be aware of the movements at spatial orientation.

Similarly, an exercise that involves exercise balls improves posture. Continuous training eventually corrects posture since the exercise applies resistance evenly to both sides of the body, maintaining correct body position in correct proportion to maintain balance.

Aside from promoting balance, this exercise tool is more popular for its effectiveness in core or abdominal training. Since some exercises that involve ball-supports, this effectively applies resistance to abdominal muscles or core muscles (muscles around the spine). This basically strengthens the center portion of the body, minimizing the chances of injury to that region.


Fitness Balls - Pros and Cons

Exercise Gym Ball Packages - 65cm Black Exercise Ball Package with FREE Pump and Poster!Exercise Gym Ball Package - 65cm Black Exercise Ball w/ FREE Pump and Poster!

 The use of exercise balls is all about health benefits, when used in the proper way. However, it might cause injuries if it suddenly bursts.

To prevent such accidents, you must be able to choose the right ball construction that will fit the demands of your exercise and will safely bear with your weight.

For instance, it you happen to be on the heavy side, there are exercise balls that are custom engineered to bear with intense workout and higher range of weight support. As a preventive measure, check the ball for damage before using it.

Please, do not compromise safety with haste in doing your exercise routines. Also, make sure that the size and measurement of the ball that you buy is in proportion with your height. In general, height ranges are applied to the size and diameter of balls, making sure that they are fully able to maintain support and promote balance to certain body types.

The usual problem in keeping an exercise routine is time. With a demanding lifestyle or job, it can be really hard to find time going to the gym to do some exercises to maintain well and keep in shape.

Thankfully, many exercising tools and gadgets have been made available, making it easier for people to do some beneficial exercises at the convenience of their own time. An exercise ball is one of the most cost-effective exercising tools that you can use at the privacy of your home.

Core fitness balls typically cost around $15 to $40 each. While they are relatively cheaper compared to the bulky exercise equipments that are available in the market, these heavy-duty spheres are likely the most useful types of exercising tools that you can buy for yourself. Now, getting a total workout has been made possible and convenient, even to the busiest person in the planet.


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