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The Extra Long Yoga Mat - More Room for You!

These long (extra!) yoga mats are wonderful for men, especially, due to the length. I also like the long yoga mats as it gives a lot of space to really stretch and get down to business. These typically cost between $30 - $90 (and up, depending on quality, thickness, design preferences)


Extra Long Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - By Online Fitness

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - Professional Extra Long Mat Photo

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - 75 in. - Professional Extra Long


The Natural Rubber Yoga Mat – Professional Extra Long model is designed for people who need extra room to stretch during their practice. At 75” long it can handle the deepest stretches with ease!

It is made from natural rubber, a biodegradable material, and provides excellent traction and cushion. Even cooler - using this mat allows you to practice free of concern about negatively impacting our planet.

Total dimensions - 24” x 75” x 3/16” thick

Extra Long Rubber Yoga Mat - by Bean Products Natural Fitness

Bean Products Natural Fitness Professional Extra Long Rubber Yoga Mat

Bean Products Natural Fitness Professional Extra Long Rubber Yoga Mat


Bean Products rock! Bean Natural Fitness also gives you free shipping on this long floor mat!

This luxurious Bean Products Natural Fitness Professional Extra Long Rubber Yoga Mat can improve your yoga practice with exceptional traction and comfort while remaining friendly to our environment. (This extra long yoga mat uses a natural cotton mesh within so it will completely and safely biodegrade, even in a landfill.)

This eco-friendly yoga mat is made from open cell natural rubber, a biodegradable material that is sustainably harvested from rubber trees and manufactured without hazardous phalate plasticizers and PVC. Additionally, this is the only natural rubber mat that has a natural, renewable, and biodegradable inner stability mesh. In this research, I've learned that most inner mesh within other mats are synthetic from polypropylene, polyester or nylon!

This Exercise Mat is not only safer for your health and our environment but has the best performance that your yoga practice deserves. Nothing feels or grips like natural rubber!

The natural rubber has superior rebound so the 3/16 inch thickness will provide the perfect stable cushion needed for all poses.