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Home Fitness Gyms Pt. 3 - The StairMaster

Cont' from "Home Fitness Gyms - Best Rower Machines"

Where did the StairMaster Exercise Equipment come from?

The StairMaster 5000 was an invention of Lanny Potts. It made its debut by Tri-Tech, Inc. located in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1983. It was a rotating staircase machine often referred to as a step treadmill.

In March of 1984, the StairMaster 5000 was replaced by the StairMaster 6000 ergometer. It was almost identical to the 5000, but the most recent machine displayed workout information on a CRT, was able to pint out a workout summary on a thermal printer and a heart rate monitor was also included.

In February of 1986, the StairMaster 4000PT was unveiled in Nashville, Tennessee. This machine provided two pedals each having an independent motion to simulate stair climbing.

Use of the Stair Master Exercise Machine at Home

It would probably be beneficial to use the StairMaster for thirty minutes a session at least three times per week. The StairMaster can be equated to that of exercising on a treadmill except that localized muscle fatigue can limit a person’s ability to exercise for prolonged periods of times. It is generally a higher-intensity workout when compared to walking.

StairMasters are excellent pieces of equipment for home fitness gyms. They offer the same amount of exercise as a treadmill, but they also have the added muscle-building of climbing a flight of stairs.

Benefits of using a Stairmaster

This stepper exercise machine is a great addition to your current cardio and/or aerobic training. It is also smaller than most of your other pieces of equipment in home fitness gyms. This makes it a plus for easier storing.

In order to buy a StairMaster 4000PT you are most likely going to spend anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500. It all depends if you want a brand new one or will be satisfied with a refurbished or used model.

In conclusion, we have looked at three pieces of home fitness gym equipment that you may want to consider investing in: the Nautilus Home Gym, The Rowing Machine, and the StairMaster Stepper Review. It all depends on the specific areas of your body you want to target, how much time you want to put into it and last but not least, your budget.



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