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Posture Importance - Tips and Exercises for Good Posture

posture exercises picture, stretching man on beach

The Importance of Correct Posture

For people who exercise at home, especially using fitness equipment, you need to be aware of the importance of good posture, which controls muscles and bones for better strength. Good posture often depends on strengthening the core muscles, such as the abdominal and lower back muscles for the needed support.

How do I know if I have correct posture?

There are several ways to determine whether you have good posture. If you stand against a wall with the back of your head touching, and your feet six inches from the baseboard, there should be a two inch gap between the wall and the back of your neck and a slightly larger gap between your lower back and the wall.

Another thing to look for when checking posture is looking in the mirror and making sure your shoulders and hips are level on each side, kneecaps facing forward, and ankles straight. These practices are part of the analysis to see what kind of muscles need the most correction.


Correcting Bad Posture


posture exercises photo, woman doing stretching on yoga mat

If shoulders slump forward, then you need to strengthen back muscles to pull them back.

If there is too much forward curvature in your back, then the lower back muscles need to be strengthened, for example.

There are several overall exercises that are good for posture correction, such as yoga, swimming and aqua-aerobic exercises.


Posture Correcting Exercises - Ways to Improve Your Posture

What are some ways to correct and improve my posture?

The first thing is to remember not to overexert, especially in the beginning. Overexertion can cause strain to your muscles and joints. It is important (for good posture) that you work each joint individually - especially ones that have not been used much - at a gradual pace, by alternating exercises. The important thing in exercising for correcting posture is that it is not solely based on building muscle like strength training is, but also involves balance exercises.

Best exercises for good posture - Yoga

posture exercises photo, correcting bad posture, free yoga poses photo

Yoga exercises like ankle bends, the blade, the flower, hands to wall, posture clasp, the tree and sitting warrior are excellent for correcting poor posture.

These can help you maintain flexibility and improve circulation and balance.

Cross-crawl exercises are great for better posture, and easy to perform.

There are also exercises that you can do in your car, at your office or at home on fitness equipment.

The significance of correct posture should be on your mind, whether you are sitting in your chair at work, or standing in line at the store.

Swimming for 30 minutes a day is terrific for your posture. Aqua aerobics are typically a painless way to exercise using the resistance of the water. This is often why many arthritic patients are prescribed these two methods. Another added benefit of working out in the water is that swimmers build muscles without the wear and tear on joints, like some traditional exercises, such as impact sports - running or jogging.

Not only does good posture benefit your appearance and improve back problems, but it can make you look (thus feel!) more confident, and healthier, too. The importance of good posture is evident, especially if you have ever seen people that suffer from "head forward" or curvatures in the spine, for example.

Muscles are necessary to hold the back vertebrae in place, or your alignment will gradually worsen, causing pain in the back, and eventually will lead to other problems, as your body tries to adjust, due to the lacking symmetry.

Correcting your posture (via simple exercises and stretches) is easy to practice (and recognize), once you have started a routine that is comfortable for you, enabling the elimination of various body pains, while making you look and feel more confident!


posture exercises photo, exercise for good postureLooking for posture exercises program? More ways and tips?

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