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Weider Home Gym

Getting into Great Shape with a Weider Home Gym System


Is it really much of a surprise that the Weider Home Gym systems have become as popular as they are? Even those that only have a passing interest in the subject of bodybuilding have probably heard of the name Joe Weider. His seminal magazine MUSCLE AND FITNESS has provided untold scores of excellent articles for several decades. His promotion of the Mr. Olympia contest helped establish the more popular and respected forum for bodybuilders in the world. Over the years, his name has been lent to top nutritional store supplements to aid in muscle mass development. And yes, the Weider name has long since been present on home gym systems.

The Early Version of the Weider Home Gym

The original versions of the Weider Home Gym were not exactly the most expansive weight training systems ever developed. Basically, they were a bar, bench, barbells, and a placeholder for the barbell. Some of these home gym systems also came with a leg extension apparatus. In time, flye attachments were added to the mix.

Such a stripped down and basic form of the Weider Home Gym are still available today. Many cost under $200. There is certainly nothing wrong with such basic home gym systems as they can help you get in great shape. Those that would prefer to develop an amazing physique, however, will soon discover obvious limitations with such a simple and basic system. If you want to get into top, top shape, you will definitely want the more modern and expansive version of the Weider Home Gym.

New Innovations in Home Gym Systems

Those motivated to purchase a home gym system are doing so because they want to completely transform their body. People with half hearted or middling interest in getting in shape probably will not so motivated that they wish to purchase a thoroughly expansive home gym setup. The Weider Home Gym is designed to give a complete and total body workout. It integrates various exercise components that would be found in a commercial gym. Additionally, the quality of such equipment enhances the potential to develop a truly amazing physique. The items in the Weider Home Gym catalogue have been engineered in such a way that anyone motivated to work out on the gym system will attain an amazing physique that most would not assume possible through working out in the home.

Yet, it is certainly possible as long as you have one of the more expansive Weider Home Gym systems. This is not to infer the basic bench/barbell home gym system is of no value. There is value in any quality Weider Home Gym setup. That said, those hoping to truly attain an impressive and strong physique would be well advised to purchase a more expansive and dynamic home gym system.

What is such home gym systems comprised of? Let's take a closer look at what they have to offer....

Expanded Weider Home Gym Systems

There are many different models that comprise the Weider Home Gym catalogue. There are commonalities and differences among the many systems available. In general, a quality home gym system will entail a seated high and low pulley system. There will be varying degrees of resistance to these pulley systems which is certainly a good thing. With the simple twist of a dial, you can expand or decrease the resistance on the pulleys. So, if you wish to bulk up you can employ a high level of resistance. If you wish to work more for definition, you can lower the amount of resistance on the device. This pulley system is not just for the upper body. There are also leg attachments that can be employed to properly. This aids in the complete development of the body. When you work out, you will want to develop a symmetrical appearance. To do otherwise could leave you with a very disproportionate look.

Again, there will be all manner of different home gyms in the Weider catalogue. Different people have different foals in their training. As such, different types of home gym systems will be developed to target the body in the appropriate manner. This is why Weider will offer such unique home gym systems such as an X-Factor gym which is designed mostly for leaning out the body and toning the muscles.

Are you not sure which home gym system would appeal to you the most? Here is some advice: When examining the different home gyms offered by Weider, try to avoid looking at things from the perspective of better or worse. Rather, look at the specific intended goals the home gym is supposed to promote. Then, seek to purchase the home gym that would help you attain the specific goals you are looking for. Doing so will certainly boost the potential that you actually do attain your goals.

On a side note, there is nothing to say you cannot purchase more than one type of Weider Home Gym. Those that have the appropriate budget can purchase more than one and develop an even more expansive home workout strategy as a result. More power to them!

Do you want to get in shape and prefer not to spend the money and time on a gym membership? If you are in this position, you are not alone. There are scores of people interested in working out in the own home and the availability of top home gym systems makes this possible. And of the many top systems available, it would be the Weider Home Gym that is consistently ranked as one of the best. Why not look into what Weider's catalogue has to offer in this regard?