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The Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

For those of us who are eco-minded and wanting environmentally friendly yoga products - these TPE (Terra Pure Eco) exercise floor mats are environmentally friendly fitness tools that give peace of mind during your workout as you proudly know that you are in no way destroying the earth's environment.

You can find these eco yoga (or TPE) mats online for about $30 - $90 and up.

These eco-friendly yoga mats are also perfect for your home or toting to the local gym!


The POE Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat - by FitFuel


POE Yoga Mat by Yogitoes is eco-friendly and hypo allergenic; having no latex and no PVC.

This lightweight and recyclable exercise mat, and its production process is toxin-free from beginning to end. This means a product that is both environment-friendly and healthy for you!

The POE Eco-Yoga Mat is also ideal for traveling and comes in a two-toned color (ivory/black, photo above).

The breakdown of POE Yoga Eco Mat features:

Instructions for proper cleaning care of this eco mat:

Hand wash and air dry! Polyolefin elastomer (POE) material is sensitive to high heat (i.e. direct sun light), so please remember to keep this mat in a cool place!

This yoga mat gets 4 stars. :-)

Ecowise Yoga Mat - Environmentally Friendly Mat - By Aeromat & FitFuel

Exercise Floor Mats, Eco-wise Yoga Mat 68in picture

Aeromat realizes the importance of caring for the environment. With the earth's environmental needs, and our significantly precious health in mind - they developed the Ecowise Yoga Mat. These special exercise mats are also free of latex, PVC and chlorides.

At a cheap $25, this eco-friendly exercise floor mat provides stability with excellent traction during your regular yoga workouts.

Breakdown of Ecowise Yoga Mat's Features:


This yoga mat gets 3.5 stars, would prefer more thickness in this one.


The Manduka eKO Eco Yoga Mat

 Have you heard of the Manduka eKO Yoga Mats? Bet you will start hearing their name more and more! These eco yoga mats are completely awesome, high quality, and worth the $65 for the amazing quality these mats provide.

Made from non-Amazon harvested, natural Most durable, eco-friendly mat on the market Developed over 3 years by yoga teachers Designed to provide the ultima..

Manduka offers something new for us eco-conscious yoga practitioners. The eKo Mat is a natural rubber, closed-cell mat that is designed for durability and comfort. Plus, this mat will decompose completely at the end of its useful life without leaving a footprint on earth!

Through their patented manufacturing process, the natural rubber in Manduka's mats is 99.99% latex free and non-allergenic. There also are no oil-based products in the eKO Yoga Mat.

These mats are completely free of toxic materials, foaming agents and plasticizers, commonly found in other eco mats, such as TPE, POE, and other rubber mats. Not many natural yoga mat manufacturers are able to make this same claim!

This makes it truly an eco-friendly mat, 100%. This Manduka eKO Mat is also longer, wider and thicker than the average size yoga mat, providing more practice area.

Currently this yoga ego mat is available in four colors: moss, lava, aqua, and sand.

I give this eco yoga mat 5 stars, without any reservations. Manduka is excellent all around!







Professional Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - by Online Fitness

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - Professional(Color: Earth / Red Rock)

This natural rubber yoga mat (by Online Fitness) is the professional model, which allows you to improve your yoga practice while achieving more environmental balance.

Made from natural rubber (a biodegradable material), it offers excellent traction and a high-rebound dense cushion. Using this mat allows you to practice yoga and workout free of worry, about negatively impacting our planet.

This mat is longer than a traditional yoga mat to give you more room to stretch to your potential. 24” x 69” x 3/16” thick.

Current colors available are Earth and Red Rock. :-)

I give this mat a nice 3.5 to 4 stars.

I have tried and used this mat, and it is worth the $43, but after I bought the Manduka Yoga Mats, I never looked back. Would love to hear your feedback on this mat. Do you agree that it's close to a 4-star rating?



And lastly, as they've many, many excellent mats, I thought you'd like to take a gander yourself. Check out: Eco Friendly Mats

Hope you like what you see!

If you do purchase a mat or mats from Eco Friendly Mats and more.., I'd love to hear your feedback. It's one of my favorite places for not only yoga mats, but every type of mat you can practically think of!



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