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How Do I Get Eight Pack Abs?

Eight (8) Pack Abs - The Ultimate Quest

You will notice that among the other home exercise equipment in the planet, it is the abs machines that gained the most popularity. Even in fitness gyms, aside from health reasons, most people continue to work out in quest of getting that coveted eight-pack abs.

Achieving 8-pack abs is rather rare since it seems to take a lot of hard work. The key is commitment, consistence and continuous workout. As long as you stay disciplined in routinely doing abs-toning exercises, the day that you will an eight-pack abs as you face the mirror will soon become a reality.

Benefits of abdominal muscle exercises and core strength

Getting eight-pack abs is one of the common things that most people would agree on. For one, getting a flat midsection strengthens the core of the body. This way, it gives the body more speed since ab exercises add inches to your usual stride. It allows the body to channel more power through the midsection, resulting to more powerful swings and throws. Lastly, strong abs improves stamina and balance. They give the body the best posture on which the body can better expend power resulting to improved stamina.

Toning and developing the muscle in the midsection would mean losing the fat via fat reduction. A number of fitness machines claim to help this period of ab-acquisition. However, doing exercises specifically tones muscles, but does not do anything in losing the fat in the stomach area. While it is true that these machines develop ab muscles, that doesn’t mean that the toned muscles will be seen because the newly toned muscles hide behind fat. For the ab muscles to be seen, you need to lose the fat first.

The only way to lose fat is through proper diet and cardio exercise. Get into a lose-fat diet, which may be replacing your favorite foodstuffs with healthy foods like veggie salads and non-oiled foods. Count your calorie intake to make sure that you burn everything that you eat. Usually, the 500-calories-below-your-maintenance-level is observed in this phase. This way, as you continue to expend energy on strenuous 8-pack abs workouts, the body compensates for the limited energy delivered by the diet by utilizing fat.

In truth, your ab muscles are already there. All you need to do some muscle building and strengthening exercises. You just need(ed) to lose the fat for them to be seen.

Now, let’s talk about real eight pack abs workouts. Jogging, running and cycling is a good start. Swimming is great in maintaining proper structure. Playing sports like basketball involves a lot of stretching which is great for developing abdominal muscles. Doing aerobics 3-4 times a week, 100-1000 reps of crunches or stomach and waist exercises 4-5 times a week and jumping exercises every day a week makes a great support to your abdominal muscle exercises. Do these religiously, with a strict lose-fat diet, and you’ll soon see the results.

So how long would it take to actually see results? That would depend on how disciplined you are in sticking to your diet and rigorous exercise routine. Religiously doing waist and stomach exercises helps a lot. Always monitor your food intake, be careful of your choices.

Bear in mind that the key to seeing the ab muscles you worked so hard for is losing all that fat. Losing the fat, healthy diet, dedicated ab workouts; these are basically everything you need to achieve eight pack abdominals.




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