Use The Ab Lounger To Get A Great Workout

There are so many machines such as the Ab Lounger that are out on the market today that claim to provide you with awesome abs. Well I am going to review a few machines for people that actually want to get in shape and are looking to buy an abdominal machine.

Of course you must know that using these machines will build and stregthen your abdominal muscles but you still need to eat less fatty foods and do some running on the treadmill or elliptical machine to drop the little bit of weight you might have around your mid-section

This is a machine that is a little more advanced and is for those who are serious about getting the best possible abs and a strong back.This machine is for the bodybuilder who has enough money to spend on high class machines. The Maxicam Ab and Back Weight Machine has a steel frame, is commercial grade and targets the abs and back. The Ab and Back Weight Machine has a wide stable base and endures heavy use. It is $2,539.00 and comes with Free Shipping and ships next business day For more information and to order click below.

This is a very handy machine. Like the Ab Lounger it targets the abdominal muscles with the use of the "crunch". You simply sit in the seat and pull down on the handles and lift with your feet to feel the burn in your abs. You can load the machine up to 200lbs it contains foam handles, back pad and an adjustable seat. This is a really good machine to workout your abdominals and it at a good price. It costs $259.98 with shipping included and you will recieve it within 3-4 business days. This machine is more afforadble for the average person and really helps you workout all your abdominal muscles.

This machine is more like doing a controlled sit-up. Your feet are supported while you lean back and crunch your way to a better workout. It fully supports your back and builds your entire abdominal area. Thick, comfortable foam rollers keep you locked into position while the 22" long back pad accommodates even the tallest user. It comes with Free Shipping and a 1 Year Warranty and it is only priced at $118.98.

This is an alternative to the traditional machine but it is one of the most effective exercises to train your abdominals. You hang from them and raise your legs to really exercise your lower abs and tone up your waiste. Recent studies have shown that this form of exercise is one of the best calorie burning and most effective abdominal training methods out there today.

These are the best ab machines you can buy on the internet and I reccommend using one of them if you want to train your abs and lower back. Like the Ab Lounger it helps isolate the abdominal muscles and support the lower back. So if you are in the market for an Ab Lounger or similar sought of machine the ones above will provide you with the results you want.

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