The Exercise bike is great to tone up the legs and thighs

Exercise bikes are a very useful and effective piece of equipment. You can literally ride for miles without leaving the comfort of your own home. These machines have been around for quite some time and there are many different makes and models.

There are the newer stationary bikes (also called recumbent bikes) where you sit at a seat and pedal; as well as the spinning exercise bike (also called the upright bike) where you sit on a bike seat and pedal upright as if you were on a real bike.

So which is better? Well it really depends on what you prefer and what is best for you.

Recumbent Model Exercise Bikes

These bikes work the gluteal muscles more than the standard upright bike so if you are looking to work your butt maybe a Recumbent model would be the better. Recumbent models also provide more back support so for people who have lower back pain may find it more comfortable. These exercise bikes have a bucket seat, which is more comfortable and it's also more ergonomically correct than the traditional upright model. It's an effective way to improve aerobic capacity and burn fat!

These machines are great for cardiovascular fitness and toning/building your thighs. The recumbent bikes are especially good for toning your bottom. They also give your knees a break; not to mention, you can enjoy your favorite magazine or TV program while working out! A few more benefits of the exercise bike are:

- You’ll develop and strengthen the quadriceps muscles, the gluteal muscles, and the hamstring muscles

- There is virtually no impact from your upper weight so it’s easy on your knees and joints

- It provides a great cardio workout

Exercise bikes range anywhere from $200 - $2500 but all you need is a bike that will do the job for you, you can pick up a quality bike anywhere within that price range.

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