Weight Lifting Gloves Review

Prevent and relieve sore hands, blisters and peeled skin

Weight lifting and training gloves come in handy when you use a lot of free weights.

If you have ever used dumbbells or barbells you will know that after some time your hands become sweaty; which makes it harder to grip the weights.

With repeated lifting weights; you may start to develop blisters and skin peels.

The best thing about using weight training gloves is the ability to lift your desired weight without the strain and pain on your hands and fingers.

I got to the point where I would stop lifting that last set because it was just tearing my hands to shreds! But once that problem was eliminated I could focus on lifting and lifting correctly.

Weight lifting gloves are a must if you are lifting free weights. These type of gloves are just like sneakers - they are simply something that you should have for protection and support.

Weight training gloves are also affordable and will help your hands tremendousy. I used to get sores and blisters on the insides of my knuckles and the skin would just be bare.

If I could go back in time; a pair of weight gloves would be the first item I purchased.

But I must warn you, not every glove is able to protect your hands from the stress of lifting a bar full of weight. You need and will want weight lifting gloves that provide: a thick padding, are flexible, and cover your fingers.

Also know that if you buy a bad pair of gloves they can be more irritating than no gloves at all.

Another cool aspect about weight training gloves is that they are pretty cheap! If you shop wisely, you can get a top quality pair of gloves for a great price.

You can get a pair of leather weight gloves for $10, which is good and it would probably do the job. But if you shop around a bit you will find that there are higher quality weight lifting gloves that cost only a fraction more.

There is currently a new type of weight training glove that is creating quite a storm in the weightlifting industry. These special weight loves are called neoprene weight lifting gloves.

Neoprene weight gloves have:

  • A 1/4 inch of rugged padded neoprene

  • Flexible grips

  • Conform to the bar

  • Absorb pressure

  • Prevent calluses

Your hand doesn’t touch the bar at all.

Also, if you are looking for a bargain on top quality neoprene weight lifting gloves can I please suggest you try out New Grips Neoprene Weight Training Gloves

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