Ellipticals - Not Sure Where or How to Start?

How to Have Fun with Your Elliptical!

Your doctor has just told you that you need to lose those 10 - 15 extra pounds that you gained over the Holiday Season. It wouldn’t sound so bad if you would have taken his advice five years ago.

Those 10 pounds have now turned to 25 and that seems like the end of the world as you know it. If that wasn’t enough, there was more good news. Doc told you that you need to work on your cardiovascular system and slim down as well! So now what are you going to do?!

And who has time for all the effort that goes into getting and keeping fit? Who has money for personal trainers? We aren’t all Brads and Janets!

Let’s face it, we have very good reasons that make us want to get into an exercise program, but deep down, most of us just don’t want to work that hard. A cross trainer sounds about as inviting as a low carb dinner.

But don’t despair! The answer to this unpopular situation may lie in the form of an elliptical trainer. This amazing machine may have been "under" your Christmas tree last year. Don’t fret if it’s taken doctor’s orders to scare you into improving your cardio vascular health! Your future starts now, so let’s get on with it. :-)

Your Elliptical Fitness Routine

The key to success in the exercise realm is having a good fitness routine. It helps if you have one of the "best" elliptical trainer. This has to be somewhat interesting, motivational and show results fairly quickly. This is where a machine can really enhance the effort you are making to meet your fitness goals.

A fitness routine that becomes routine is the quickest way to defeat all your good intentions. In other words, variety is truly the spice of life. :-)

The following are some ways to make fitness fun and something that you look forward to, rather than dread.

Fitness - Motivation, Music, and Mirth!

First off, don’t feel bad if you are off to a late start on this fitness routine. Congratulate yourself! You’ve started by opening the box and know that you already have an excellent elliptical trainer.

To improve your motivation to work out at home without a personal trainer, there are things you can do to ensure that you stick to a routine for the long term.

Ellipticals and a motivational exercise DVD can turn your home into a great private fitness center. Invite some of your friends, (even the skinny ones!) to meet at your house and take turns on your new toy! Most everyone loves trying out an elliptical machine!

With upbeat music and high energy (generated by friends) on an exercise mission - you’ll be amazed at how fast the time flies and the fat melts.

  • Pick up some great tunes off the internet.
  • Plan a "get together" at least twice a week for exercise parties!

Pick a 'team leader' and delegate who will bring a music (or video) tape, who will bring healthy munchies (think long term fitness), who helps to clean up and so on. And of course, these fitness get-togethers don’t have to be at your house all the time, but if you’re the one with the elliptical trainer, odds are; the party’s at your house. ;-)

Fitness at Home - Going Solo

This is probably the hardest exercise regime to stick to on an ongoing basis. But sometimes your health demands it and you have to do what you have to do. This is where your elliptical trainer machine, some good tunes and exercise videos can team up to make solo exercise not only doable, but almost fun!

Precor, Proform, Healthrider and Nautilus web sites have numerous exercise videos that are available. You can choose from Aerobics to Pilates, and any variation in between. Some of the personalities that lead these videos can be quite entertaining.

There are some elliptical trainers that host a spot to hold your book (or magazine) in place - if that is what works for you.

Fitness Equipment for Your Home

If you are serious about getting fit and maintaining a specific fitness level, it’s a good idea to invest in a few machines. If you live in a climate that makes regular outdoor exercise a challenge it is pretty much a must to own at least an elliptical trainer and a treadmill (if financially possible).

There are numerous types of home fitness equipment available and each are made to attain specific exercise goals. Various machines better enhance the cardio vascular function but maybe very hard on the skeletal muscular joints.

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