Treadmills get you in shape easy when you know which treadmill to use!

Treadmills are a great way to get an aerobic workout without straining any ligaments or joints. Treadmills are great for people who are trying to lose weight because the key to weight loss is cardio exercise (Running, walking, swimming etc); which is exactly what the treadmills are used for.

As well as a great cardio workout, the treadmill is also a fantastic calorie burner, so for people looking to shed some pounds - this great machine is a step in the right direction.

For those of you who like to walk outside in the fresh air and sunshine as well as on a treadmill, try where you will find information on walking and running, motivation, fitness programs, fun runs and nutrition tips.
When it comes to choosing the right machine, it first comes down to how much you are willing or able to pay. Like most things the higher you pay the higher quality you are going to get. There are two types of treadmills - motorized and non-motorized.

Non-motorized is simple and easy to use. The belt turns under your own power. The good thing about non-motorized treadmills is that there are very few things that can go wrong; as there are no electronics that can break down, so it is somewhat more reliable and cheaper too.

The downside to non-motorized treadmills is that you are limited to what kind of workout intensity you can do.

For example if I were to get onto a motorized treadmill machine and set it to 6 miles an hour I would have to keep moving at 6 miles an hour, or risk getting thrown to the floor. However, if I were on a non-motorized treadmill machine I would be less likely to push myself.

With a motorized machine a motor turns the belt that you are walking or running on. Also if the model has an incline feature, which will increase the intensity of your workout, may be powered by a separate motor as well.

The major concern with the motorized version is the motor, because if that breaks so does your machine. If you are looking into the motorized version you need to know a few things.

The power of the motor is usually measured in :Peak Horsepower- which is the maximum power the motor can produce in a single burst.Continuous Horsepower- which is the power the motor can continually run at without drop-offs.

Please let me suggest that you use continuous horsepower as it is the lower the peak rating and is what you really need to use the machine effectively. As far as the power of the motor goes the higher the better, but at the same time - the more power the more money. If you are a professional or seasoned runner you will need a power of 2hp measured in continuous horsepower. For those of you who are planning on just walking anything from 1hp to 1.5hp continuous horsepower would be fine.

Benefits of using this piece of equipment are great, but probably the most beneficial feature that people find is the convenience of it. The fact that you can set it up in your own home without anyone watching you gives you great confidence and keeps you motivated.

So the bottom line is that the motorized treadmills are more expensive but are generally more reliable. Be sure to check the warranty on your motorized treadmill so that you are covered. Keep Your Treadmill Running

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