Lower Body Exercise Is A Great Way Increase Fitness And Tone Up

Lower body exercise is one of the best ways to increase anaerobic fitness. There are really two types of lower body exercises, your general anaerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, running and cycling and then there are leg exercises that you do in the gym such as leg presses, calf raises, squats etc.

If you are serious about increasing your fitness in particular your lower body you should do a combination of both.

Pumping up your muscles in the gym will allow you to push harder and get more out of your anaerobic workouts. If running isn't your thing then maybe you should focus on increase your muscular power in your lower body and use an exercise bike to get your anaerobic workout.

Another good piece of equipment that you could use to get your anaerobic workout would be the stepper machine. Have a look at the steppers article for more info.

Another important part of doing any lower body exercise is having comfortable shoes. There are a number of shoes that you can use but I have discovered a shoe that has been designed specifically for lower body physical activity. It has many benefits over the standards sneaker, have a look at the Otomix Workout Shoes

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