Find out the best chest exercise and routines

To build your chest you need to know the best type of chest exercise. The single best way to build your pectoral muscles are by using the bench press, everyone knows that and its true. The good thing about the pecs are that they are pretty easy to build up and it doesn’t take too long before you start to notice the increase in size of your chest. It’s important to know that there is not just the one standard bench press that will pump up your chest, but knowing how to use the bench press it is definitely the best chest exercise. The best way to increase the muscle size and strength of your pectorals is to train them using a variety of exercises. Its best to mix your pectoral training with free weights and machine exercises.

I suggest you use three different chest exercise and routines when you are training your pecs, flat bench press, dumbbell fly’s and the exercise machine. You will need a Bench and a Barbell to do the flat bench press, the flat bench press is simply lying on the bench and holding the barbell across your chest then raising it as high as you can and then lowering it down. The forearm should be perpendicular to the bar and the back should lean completely on the bench.

When doing this exercise make sure you use a rack to hold the barbell or have a spotter because it can get very dangerous if you cant physically hold the weight any longer. A little tip I got from a bodybuilder was to do this exercise twice but the second time put your feet on the end of the bench that way you can arch your back and the pectoral muscle is being fully worked, try it you will definitely notice the difference.

Dumbbell flys are great because they really utilize every muscle in your pectoral area and put stress on your arms, that’s why free weights are so good because they help build other muscles that wouldn’t normally be used but because you have to support the weight yourself they help to develop other muscles. Breathe out while dumbbells are being raised. At the end of arms stretching, elbows should be slightly bent.

Chest exercise on a machine is great because you cannot cheat on an exercise machine, everything is supported for you so all you have to do is move the weight. There are a couple of different types of exercises you can do on a machine and I recommend getting one that can supply you with a variety of routines that way you always have room in your routine to expand and develop.

There is another exercise that can be used to train your pectorals and that is cross cables. There are at least three different versions of this exercise: one using high cables and bringing them forward, in front of the eyes; one bringing the high cables toward the ground; another one using the low cables and raising them to the head. The middle, low and upper part of the pectoral are respectively stimulated.

Of course there is always the conventional push up. But you can also get equipment that ads to the resistance of your push up which is a really effective way to train your pecs, its also cheap.

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