Use Free Abdominal Workouts To Work Your Addominal Muscles And Get Ripped

There are many Free abdominal workouts that you can use to increase your ab training and work out every part of your abdominals. The exercises mentioned below will help you to get the most out of your abdominal workouts and you will be able to develop a nice six pack.

Sit Up

The conventional sit-up is what most people think when they think about working the abdominals. Since that the hip flexors do most of the work the crunch is more beneficial. Start by lying on your back with your hands behind your head and knees up, raise yourself as high as you can then repeat.

Butterfly Crunch

This is a much more effective exercise and one use should use in your free abdominal workouts. Lying flat on your back with your legs apart if you were doing a groin stretch. Make sure your heels are firmly together and then perform the movement of a crunch. To increase difficulty bring your feet closer to you.

Crunch with hands over head

This is a variation of the crunch to increase difficulty. Assume the crunch position and have your arms extended over your head. Make sure you keep your arms in line with your neck, head and shoulders. Hold it for 2 seconds then come down.


The standard crunch, lye down with your hands behind your head and knees up. Slowly raise your shoulders focusing on contracting your abdominals. Hold for two seconds when your upper back is off the floor then come back down.

Exercise Ball Crunch

Sit on the ball with your feet shoulder width apart, slowly move down in the crunch position, once you are comfortable raise your shoulders and flex your abdominals.

Supported Crunch

Is a basic crunch but your legs are raised. Use a flat bench, a chair or any other object to raise your feet then get in the crunch position and perform a normal crunch.

Tuck Crunch

Lying on your back raise your legs to a 45 degree angle. Put your hands behind your head and perform a standard crunch as you usually would.

Pelvic Tilt

Lying on your back with knees up in the crunch position, instead of raising your upper body raise your lower torso upwards using your lower abdominals.

Curl Up

Assume the crunch position but have your hands at your sides. Slowly raise your upper torso focusing on moving your hands towards your feet and contracting your lower abdominals.

Decline Crunch

Using a decline bench lye down on your back with feet secured in the rollers and raise your torso flexing your abdominals. Because of the decline in the bench this exercise really works the entire abdominal area, it is a great exercise.

Exercise Ball Reach

This is similar to the supported crunch, you use the exercise ball to raise your legs and your raise your torso while you are reaching out to your feet.

You should use these exercises in your free abdominal workouts to add a variation and work every muscle in your abdmonen. Free abdominal workouts are great and you should use them to get an awesome six pack. If you want to buy any equipment to aid you in your free abdominal workouts click on the banner below.

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