The Elliptical trainer provides a great no impact cross body workout

Elliptical Trainers are a great new innovation that allows quality low impact cardio workouts. They are like a cross between the treadmill and the exercise bike as you kind of pedal while standing up. As of recent studies they are an extremely useful fat burn with one study from the University of Mississippi found that 550 calories can be burnt in an one hour workout. On an Elliptical Trainer you stand upright and stride either in a forward direction or a reverse direction while holding on to the machines handrails.

These are a relatively new product to hit the scene and seem to be very effective and efficient, if you only plan on buying one piece of exercise equipment I would have to recommend an Elliptical Trainer. What makes it so great is that it offers a weight bearing workout without putting in stress on the joints what so ever. Like the treadmill the ir provides a cardio workout which is great for those that want to get into shape. There are many benefits of using this machine but probably the most beneficial feature is that it has the ability for you to complete a workout with out the impact. Weight bearing exercises such as running or jogging put stress on the joints and back. For example if you have ever jogged on a pavement foot path for a significant amount of time after a while your knees, ankles, shins and back start to feel it. But when working out on this piece of equipment all that is eliminated so you can workout for as long as your heart desires and feel no pain or stress on the joints. So much so that fitness experts recommend it to people who have sore joints and cant workout because of it.

Some of the other benefits are:

- You’ll provide your lower body a great workout that tones and builds muscle. A great weight bearing exercise that’s totally impact free!

- You use all of the muscles of the lower leg. Therefore, you will strengthen and build your lower legs.

- When you move forward, you’ll work your quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

- If you are losing weight, the elliptical trainer burns more calories than the treadmill or the exercise bike.

- Provides a great cardio workout!

- Safe to use. When you stop, the machine stops.

- Ability to offer a weight bearing workout that puts minimal stress on the joints. Your feet never leave the pedals, thereby eliminating any impact in your workout.

-If you choose an elliptical trainer with dual action handle bars, you can expect to get a true cross training workout that uses your whole body. This way you exercise your entire body.

Now when it comes to buying an Elliptical Trainer there are a few things you need to know, with such a high quality product you would have to expect to pay a fair fee. For a quality machine you can expect to pay $1000 all though there are quality Elliptical Trainers out there for less than that but you have to know what you are looking for.

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