Gold's Gym Strength Training

Everyone knows the importance of strength training and having the right equipment is a must. So have a look at the equipment below to aid your strength training goals.

Gold's Gym Power Flex

For a full-body strength-training workout, Power Flex gives you 65 club-quality exercises in a single machine with 210 lbs. of superior Power Stroke™ resistance, standard.

Price $399.00

Gold's Gym XR 30 System

The sturdy, three-post rack system of the XR 30 offers more than a premier bench and pulley combination. The Power Assist™ and Safety Spotter™ features give you added flexibility and confidence.

Price $299.00

Gold's Gym XR 35 System

Introducing the XR 35, a complete strength system that delivers a robust ensemble, including bench, high pulley/lat tower, preacher curl, squat station, leg developer and weight storage rack.

Price $299.00

Gold's Gym XR 15 System

The authority in weight training introduces the XR 15, combining a multi-position, adjustable bench with both a leg developer and preacher curl station.

Price $149.00

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