HealthRider Exercise Bikes

HealthRider offer a great range of exercise bikes from out door bikes to the original HealthRider that started the craze all those years ago. It’s all here check it out.

The Original HealthRider

Burn calories on the original. Steady, aerobic exercise burns calories – and keeps them off. That’s the secret of the original HealthRider.

Price $299.00

HealthRider Comfort Cruiser Bike

Get ready to ride in style with the Comfort Cruiser Bike, complete with lightweight aluminum and Shimano componentry throughout.

Price $499.00

HealthRider Scootie Recumbent Bike The HealthRider Scootie Recumbent Bike features a comfortable, recumbent biking position that takes the back stress out of biking. The adjustable, cushioned seat with lightweight mesh back keeps you fully supported as you ride.

Price $799.00

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