HealthRider Treadmills

Treadmills are one of the most used and known pieces of exercise equipment in the world. They are convenient and provide a solid workout. Check out below for treadmills that will deliver what you are looking for.

HealthRider T900i Treadmill
The HealthRider T900i offers you unprecedented control of your workout with QuickSpeed™, Quick Incline™ and a brawnier 3.0 CHP continuous-duty, commercial grade motor. 20 built-in programs. Price $1599.00

HealthRider T850i Treadmill

The HealthRider T850i features gym-quality Adjustable FlexStep™ Cushioning to protect your joints, as well as a 2.5 CHP continuous-duty motor. 16 built-in programs.

Price $1399.00

HealthRider T650i Treadmill

Space and variety were key considerations when this treadmill was designed. The 10 workout programs, speed control, and power incline make it a smooth run to your fitness goal line.

Price $999.00

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