ProForm Accessories

ProForm are a leading brand in exercise equipment and deliver quality products which is what we are all after. They are also the winner of the 2004 buyers choice award which shows their customer service is of a high standard. Check out the accessories they have to offer below.

ProForm 5 Star Burn & Tone Kit

The 5 Star™ Burn and Tone Kit is a superior value at $169 - Enhance your treadmill cardio program with the other four points of the 5 Star program: core strength conditioning, meal plans, nutritious options, and personal training.

Price $169

ProForm AccuRate™ Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Exercise in your target heart-rate zone by adding the hands-free AccuRate™ Wireless Heart Rate Monitor to your treadmill. Provides fast, accurate pulse readings and transmits the data directly to your treadmill's console.

Price $99.99

Free Shipping & Handling

ProForm iFIT® 8-Week Weight Loss Interactive CDs

These iFIT® 8-week Weight Loss CD's were specifically designed by a personal trainer to help you lose weight and achieve results. Works with any iFIT® compatible treadmill.

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